A spring of new hope

Introducing Sakura 桜


Allpress Espresso Blend

Sweet, balanced and complex. This is it. We’ve been refining this blend since day one and it’s everything we think espresso should be.

£9.00 - £36.00

A.R.T. Espresso Roast

Big, fat and chocolatey. The precision of Air Roasting allows us to take this coffee to the very edge of flavour development.

£9.00 - £36.00

The Good Brew

Bright & fruity. Roasted to highlight the juicy berry flavours; this sessionable coffee is our go-to for lazy Saturdays around the kitchen table.

£9.00 - £36.00

Haus Decaf Blend

Rich, bold and roasted to our signature profile. This is our promise to never compromise on great flavour; morning, noon or night.

£9.25 - £37.00

1 Month Coffee Subscription - 250g Delivered Weekly

A one month subscription for our classic blends, delivered to your doorstep every week for a month.

Sakura 桜

Apricot and bergamot with light lime acidity.

£10.00 - £38.00

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