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Honduras Edwin Ever Sabillón
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Honduras Edwin Ever Sabillón

Apple, Marmalade, Buttery 

This washed Parainema lot comes from El Plan, a farm located in Las Flores, Santa Bárbara, owned by Edwin Ever Sabillón.

Edwin planted Parainema in 2015 after his neighbour won the Honduran Cup of Excellence using this variety. Working closely with Beneficio San Vicente, Edwin prepared his first micro-lot the following year.

Expect a complex cup! 




  • Roaster's Notes

    This lot has undergone a washed process. Cherries are carefully picked by hand and transported to the wet mill, where they are depulped before being placed into a concrete tank for dry fermentation for 18 hours. After fermenting, the lot is washed with three batches of water and then dried in a parabolic solar dryer.

    This fermentation period helps develop complexity and refine the coffee’s acidity, creating a very interesting cup with a long aftertaste.

  • Bean Origins

    Las Flores, Santa Bárbara

    1400 m.a.s.l.

    Washed Parainema

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