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Rwanda - Kinini

This natural Bourbon is a strong staff favourite here at the roastery. It’s our third season purchasing this lot from the Kinini washing station. Another great example of the amazing coffees grown in Northern Rwanda and the incredible selection Kinini washing station does in the region.

Expect a clean, sweet and vibrant cup!


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Roaster's Notes

The Northern Province in Rwanda is one of five created in 2006 as part of a government decentralization program designed to restructure local administration. 

Located in Rusiga, Kinini washing station is surrounded by an abundancy of interlocking undulate slopes and mountains - coffee in this region is frequently grown heavily intercropped, on small farms and gardens hewn from the hillsides. This creates a multitude of variations that make up the area’s representative profile. Some, such as this lot, are separated from others, in the pursuit of a few distinguished profiles. 

In 2012, 38 of the 252 hectares were planted with Bourbon Mayaguez 139 seedlings, 2,000-2,500 in each hectare. This totalled nearly half a million new trees, and access to nurseries and supply of new trees continues. Since then, neighbouring washing stations have asked to be included in Kinini’s QC program, so well is the washing station regarded there. 

Coffee is delivered to the washing station by 4pm on the day of picking in order to meet the strict quality control. It is then washed and rested in cherry for 24 hours before being pulped and fermented in clean water. Flowing down the clear blue channels, it then rests for a further 24 hours. After washing in another tank, it flows down to the individually marked raised beds for drying. 

All water used undergoes strict cleaning, to a level where it is fit for consumption. This waster is then returned to the stream that flows down the hill, just behind the washing station. 

Bean Origins

Rusiga, Rulindo, Northen Rwanda 

1970 - 2250 m.a.s.l. 

Natural Bourbon 

Coffee bean plant