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Rwanda - KCRS Women's Cooperative

Blackcurrant, Caramel, Mate

This washed mix of Bourbon Mayaguez and Jackson varieties is produced by women farmers in Rusigan Northen Province. These producers formed the Cooperative Coffee Rusiga Sector (KCRS) after taking ownership of the land.


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Roaster's Notes

Washed process in Rwanda typically looks a bit different to that which we understand elsewhere as washed.

Fully washed denotes the process of pulping the coffee and allowing a 24-hour dry fermentation period before undergoing more traditional wet fermentation, followed by the typical soaking for 24 hours afterwards, more in line with what you would expect in Kenya. This yields a syrupy bodied coffee that tends to hold up very well as it ages. 

An incredibly diverse crop production happens on these smallholder plots; legumes, beans, sweet potatoes and more can be grown in between the coffee plants. Even though this crop diversity can be done specifically with the benefit of the coffee in mind, it also does allow income to be spread over the year as well as producing food for own consumption. 

This coffee was sourced via our partners at DRWakefield, who we have been buying our Kinini coffees from for the last four seasons.  

Jacquie, one of the founders of the Kinini washing station and a key member of the International Women’s Coffee Association, has helped the farmers group and organise as well as provide training and work through the paperwork needed to register the cooperative. 

Bean Origins

Rusiga, Rulindo, Northen Province

1800 - 25000 m.a.s.l.

Washed Bourbon, Mayaguez and Jackson 

Coffee bean plant