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Peru - Lelis Banda

Tart Berries, Vanilla

Another microlot from Peru, this washed coffee is from producer Lelis Banda Corrales and their farm La Arena – La Chonta.  This coffee stood out as a great representation of the best of Peruvian washed coffee, and reminded us of a Tart Berry Crumble with Vanilla Custard.


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Roaster's Notes

We feel lucky to have secured two fantastic coffees from Peru to feature in Our Coffee Galaxy range in the past few months, and the experience has given us an opportunity to reflect on the incredible work done by our sourcing partners. Both the Lelis Banda and the Patricio Rubio were sourced from our friends at Cafe Imports (who in turn sourced it from Lima Coffee Cooperative). They're a testament to the value of strong relationships between trusted and hardworking friends in the supply chain. 

Until recently, it was unusual to see microlots traceable to specific producers coming out of Peru. These coffees would traditionally have been blended into large regional lots, so it's thanks to the investment and work done by organisations like Lima Coffee Cooperative and Cafe Imports that we can enjoy these exceptional coffees. 

Bean Origins


El Corazon, Chirinos, San Ignacio


Caturra, Catimor

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