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Mexico – Xochiltepec

This washed Typica and Bourbon lot consists of the 26 highest scoring coffees from a group of 35 producers from Santiago Xochiltepec, Sierra Sur, south of Oaxaca city. Their farms stand at 1600 m.a.s.l. on average and focus on agroecological practises, using their own organic fertilisers, favouring traditional varietals and experimenting with different fermentation times.  


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Roaster's Notes

This is our second year working with the Xochiltepec group. This coffee was our very first Mexican release in 2021 and we’re very happy to be closing the year with its freshest crop.  Ensambles Cafés Mexicanos have been working with the Santiago Xochiltepec coffee producing community for a few years now, helping increase their lot size year after year. Ensambles’ goal is to raise the quality of Mexican specialty coffee whilst developing strong bonds with the producers they work with. Grouping small individual producers into a larger group lot provides better sales opportunities facilitates group focused training and upskilling sessions - contributing to future increases in quality and prices. Developing relationships with the younger generation is something Ensambles has been investing in with intention. They’re currently training two people form within the community to become certified field technicians. 

Bean Origins

Xochiltepec, Sierra Sur, Oaxaca 

Cocoa, Caramel, Plum 

1600 m.a.s.l. 

Washed Typica & Bourbon

Coffee bean plant