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Kenya - Gatugi AA

Milk chocolate, honeycomb, blackcurrant acidity. 

Gatugi represents the name of the mill where this coffee is processed, however the coffee itself is grown by 751 different farmers, all members of the Otahaya Farmers' Cooperative Society. When brewed, our roasting team were reminded of the classic 'Crunchie Bar'.


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Roaster's Notes

As is common for coffee lots made up from several producers (in this case over 750), the Gatugi AA is a combination of varieties (in this case Ruiru 11, Batian, SL28 and SL34).  

SL28 and SL34 are special varieties developed by a company called Scott Laboratories who began work in Kenya in the 1920’s with the ultimate goal of creating a variety that produced incredible tasting coffee, as well as high crop yield and drought resistance.  SL28 and SL34 were their success stories, and are they’re most commonly found in Kenya. 

Bean Origins


Nyeri County, Central Kenya


SL38,SL34,Ruiru 11, Baitan

Coffee bean plant