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Honduras – Alejandro Navarro

Blood Orange, Molasses, Chocolate

Beneficio San Vicente is a dry mill and exporter that works with numerous Honduran small producers; helping them identify the quality in their coffees, increase their yields and facilitate market access. One of those producers is Alejandro Navarro, who produced this anaerobic washed mix of Catuaí and IH90 in his farm Liquidámbar.

This is a smooth cup, with lots of sweetness and layered complexity.


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Roaster's Notes

Our Honduran offering this season has once again been sourced via Langdon Coffee Merchants. 

This is our first year buying from Alejandro. Like many producers in his area, he began working in coffee from a young age, helping his father transport coffee to exporters around Honduras. 

Lempira has always been an important region for coffee production in Honduras, known for the productivity of its farms and the production of dense and consistent beans. It has only been in the last five years, however, that the potential for growing high-quality coffee has been uncovered - evidenced by five of the top 15 ranked coffees in the Honduras Cup of Excellence competition for 2023 being produced in the region. 

Bean Origins

El Portillo, San Andres, Lempira 

1760 m.a.s.l.  

Anaerobic Washed Catuaí, IH90 

Coffee bean plant