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Ethiopia Halo Fafate

Citrus, Stone fruit, Floral 

This washed coffee is a team effort from a co-operative of over 900 smallholder farmers.  Each farmer grows only a small amount to supplement their household income, before delivering whole coffee cherries to the Halo Fafate washing station in Yirgacheffe for processing.


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Roaster's Notes

This is our first release of an Ethiopian coffee from the most recent harvest, and represents a truly quintessential experience of how coffee has been produced, processed and sold for decades.  As is typical for the vast majority of coffee from Ethiopia, farmers sell their cherries to the nearest washing station (Halo Fafate in this case), where it is blended with the cherries of other farmers.  It is then sorted (looking for the odd unripe bean that may have been picked) before being pulped, washed and then dried on raised beds.  

This coffee is an incredibly clean and juicy example of what the Yirgacheffe region has become famous for.  


Bean Origins

Ethiopia Halo Fafate

Coffee bean plant