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Colombia Pescador

Raspberry, Plum, Chocolate

This washed coffee is the product of over 200 smallholders all from Northeast Cauca, and we've been buying this regional lot for over ten years. Up until now, we've been buying this coffee to provide different notes in two of our core blends throughout the year. This season the quality improvements were so noticeable, we couldn't help but give the Pescador its own spot in Our Coffee Galaxy.


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Roaster's Notes

This coffee is a Colombian regional blend we've been sourcing directly for over 10 years. Working in partnership with Agricola de Café and coffee exporters Racafe & CIA S.C.A, we annually source coffee from numerous smallholders in and around Crucero de Pescador, Popayán. These small lots are a great representation of the Cauca profile we favour for two of our espresso blends - the Allpress Espresso Blend and the A.R.T Espresso. 

Creating a regional blend allows us to have a consistent coffee to work with throughout the year, helping us develop stable roast profiles and deliver our promise of great flavour, every time. 

A long and more direct relationship like this allows us to contribute for the development of a more sustainable production and the bettering of the livelihoods of coffee growers. 

Racafe actively works towards the important conservation of local forests by planting trees in the productive systems of coffee, as well as promoting, defining, and implementing a sustainable production aimed at plant resiliency, adaption and mitigation of climate change in coffee growing communities. 

Bean Origins

Colombia Cauca, Popayán, Crucero de Pescador 

1500-1800 m.a.s.l.

Washed Caturra, Typica and Colombia

Coffee bean plant