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Smooth, milk chocolate and citrus.

From farmers that go the extra mile.

Growing exceptional coffee is a complex and challenging practice. Growing exceptional organic coffee is nothing short of a miracle.

A mellow, easy-drinking filter. Or a vibrant, sweet and bright espresso. For those that like to keep things natural.


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Roaster's Notes

With this blend of certified organic coffees, we are looking for a well-balanced and smooth coffee, with milk chocolate notes and a juicy, fruit finish. 

The washed Peru El Oso brings a gentle acidity with a solid, syrupy body. Look for notes of chocolate, apple and raisin while the honey process Honduras La Abeja comes in with a nice, orange citrusy note, moderate acidity and lots of sweetness; bringing some extra complexity to the blend. 

These coffees have been sourced via our long-time sourcing partners DRWakefield. 

Bean Origins

Peru El Oso - Washed

Honduras La Abeja - Honey

Coffee bean plant
Sourcing Image

Say hello to a new home for your coffee. Same great flavour, now in a commercially compostable bag.