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Brazil – Sítio Beija Flor

Milk chocolate, orange, toffee. 

This small, natural lot from Sítio Beija Flor is the work of daughter and father Viviane Aparecida Quintana and Bernado Quintana Neto. 

Beija Flor translates literally as ‘flower kisser’ which is an elegant description of the beautiful hummingbirds which are common on the farm. Unsurprisingly from that description, this coffee is very sweet, with notes of milk choc, orange and toffee.


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Roaster's Notes

The harvest here is 100% manual, as would be expected of a farm this size. Each lot is marked and separated as it is delivered to the patio. The coffee cherries are then turned around ten times each day to ensure even drying. 

Divinolândia's coffee producers have been organising in an effort to get recognition as a region for producing outstanding coffees - comparable to the Protected Designation of Origin label you can find across the European Union. 

Contrary to the typically huge Brazilian coffee farm, places like Sítio Beija Flor are generally small, family-run farms where coffee cherries are hand-picked with the quality of the final cup in mind. 

This coffee made its way to us via Cargo Coffee, whose purposae is to locate high potential, underrepresented Brazilian coffee producers who share the same commitment and meticulous dedication needed to be able to produce quality coffees year after year. 

Bean Origins

Brazil, Divinolândia

Natural Red Catuaí

Coffee bean plant