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Brazil - Lázaro Ribeiro

To make high quality coffee Lázaro Ribeiro follows a principle of perfectionism: whatever you do, do your best. 70% of his's production is focused on specialty coffees and this quality is due to the careful selection of seedlings, varieties and good harvesting and post-harvest management. 

This is black honey processed Mundo Novo presents as a clean and sweet pleasing cup



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Roaster's Notes

Lázaro is a pioneer in his family. Coffee cultivation was initially just a way to diversify his activities, as he was mainly a businessman in the fuel industry. However, the love of coffee has taken hold and coffee production is now both a passion and a full-time commitment. 

This is our second Brazilian coffee release this year. Thanks to companies like Kamba, who we have sourced this coffee from, Brazilian coffee is now more than just our trusted espresso blend backbone. We’re seeing Brazilian coffees increasingly finding their space in single origin offering lists, with elevated takes on its classic profile and fresh new approaches to coffee processing. 

Lázaro’s coffee is a beautiful example of the classic Brazilian profile - sweet and chocolaty, as it would be expected - but with a touch of fruitiness and acidity. This is due to processing. 

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Bean Origins

Fazenda Congonhas, Cerrado Mineiro, Minas Gerais, Brazil

950 m.a.s.l.

Black Honey Mundo Novo

Milk chocolate, hazelnut, orange

Coffee bean plant